Who likes making lists? I sure do! So, let’s make a list of things we should STOP doing. (I’ve been compiling this list for a while, as things tick me off. I’m sure you have a few you can add.)

Number one, STOP putting yourself down and laugh yourself up. Now, I’m speaking from mainly a mom perspective but this applies to everybody really. I read a fellow mom blog the other day and it seriously reached out and touched me and made me sit in a time out for a minute (32 minutes actually because that’s how old I am). Instead of fixating on how you burnt the cookies today, laugh, and say “I now know how long NOT to bake these cookies!”. And then bake another batch and eat a few before everybody else figures out that you did. You HAVE to change how you speak to yourself. You are doing the job of 8 other people and your family should be grateful they have clean laundry, even if it is in the dryer for the third day, rather than upset that you burnt some cookies. So…laugh it off.

Number two, STOP comparing yourself to others. Seriously, just stop. You always hear that when you want to compare your kids to someone else’s kids, “All kids are different, you can’t compare them.” So why do we do it to ourselves? Jenny from the block you are not, so stop trying to be. You are you, so do you boo. That is your superpower. NOBODY else is you and never will be. Remember too, people see what they want you to see. That perfect, crunchy mom you see on Instagram…her kid could have just eaten french fries but she didn’t photograph that. You only saw the homemade, gluten free, organic blueberry pancakes she made. That fitness chick with the amazing figure? If she sits down cross legged on the floor she probably has a roll or two as well. So…stop. Your family loves you, your kids think the sun shines outta your booty and that’s all that matters.

Number three, and I’ll stop here and let you make your own list, STOP wasting time and energy on people you can’t change. This is hard for me. I want to invest in others and help them be the best they can be. I want to draw it out of them. The truth is, everybody isn’t ready for that…they aren’t ready for you. So leave them be. If you’ve spent months trying to motivate someone to do something and they ain’t havin’ it, take a note from Elsa and let it go. They clearly either do not want to or they aren’t ready to be on your level. Sometimes you just have to leave them where they are and move on to others that are WORTH your time.

So, grab a pen and paper (or a crayon and the back of an envelope) and write down a few of your own. Or save and share this and refer back to it when you need a timeout to regroup and refresh and think about what you’ve done.

Love you. Mean it. -Laura


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