Remember the first day of school when you had to stand up and say something about yourself? I always hated that. Or training for a new job? Still hated it. So I’ll make this quick…

Dan is my husband. Jackson is my son. We live in Maryland. How was that? Just kidding, I’ll give ya a little more than that! My better half is Daniel, we met while we were both living and working at Camp Lejeune, NC (him active duty, me contractor for base housing). He made me laugh and he had a nice butt, it was a done deal.  Four months after meeting we were married and six months later we were announcing we were pregnant! Dan deployed the same month we made that announcement too (he was home in time though!). Six weeks after our little (big) Jackson was born we moved from North Carolina to Maryland (and we’re about to move into another house on base, Jack’s third house in a year and half).

I am a Christian (but I cuss a little).

I’m an entrepreneur, a boss babe, a go-getter.

So, get ready for toddler tantrums, groceries trips in yoga pants that have never been to yoga, asking my husband if he remembered to flush the toilet, laundry that needs to be rewashed and will probably never be folded…and, of course, inspirational and motivational stuff.

Love, LP


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